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2017.02.20   卡卡君


1.My company has _____ a new approach to staff meetings. We now have them standing up!

A adapted B adopted C addressed D admitted 

2.You can tell a lot by the way members of a family _____ with each other.

A identify B interact C relative D understand

3.We were unable to reach an agreement because of the _____ between the two groups.

A contact B concern C connect D conflict

4.If we don’t _____ the artistic skills of young children, they are far less creative as adults.

A nurture B nature C provide D prevent

5.The _____ to make quick decisions is vital in an emergency.

A ability B knowledge C skill D talent

6.We might be able to persuade more people to use the bus, but it is _____ impossible to stop people from driving cars altogether.

A absolutely B highly C very D a little

7.I can't eat peanuts because I'm _____ to them.

A allergy B allergic C appetite D infection

8.After several hours the doctor was finally able to give us his _____ . John had broken his ankle.

A diagnosis B disease C symptoms D signs

9.I like making things with my own hands. It gives me a lot of _____.

A satisfaction B exhaustion C fulfilment D creation

10.The researchers _____ many experiments to find the most effective materials.

A confirmed B conducted C considered D concerned

11.Our car broke down twice on the way to the wedding. _____ to say we arrived two hours late.

A Needless B Pointless C Regardless D Worthless

12.Languages _____ over time so dictionaries need to be regularly updated.

A eliminate B evolve C establish D elicit

13.I had to pay a _____ for parking my car in a restricted area.

A fine B find C fee D form

14.The train whistle warned us of its _____ departure.

A previous B imminen C subsequent D former

15.My friends and I have the same _____ in music.

A type B topic C theme D taste

16.Many people are fascinated by the native _____ of Australia, especially koalas and kangaroos.

A fauna B flora C agriculture D vegetation

17.The mother bird carries food to the nest in its _____.

A feather B wing C beak D paw

18.We must try to protect _____ animals, otherwise when a species disappears the whole ecosystem is affected.

A ecological B endangered C extinct D exotic

19.I think we should spend more money taking care of our own _____.

A Earth B atmosphere C planet D stars

20.I don’t think we will never find another planet that can _____ life.

A suspend B survive C supply D sustain



01-05: BBDAA

06-10: ABAAB

11-15: ABABD

16-20: ACBCD

21.I wish someone would invent a _____ for opening milk cartons-my family always makes a mess of it!

A devise B device C trigger D pulley

22.Although it is an old house, it has been very well _____.

A maintained B condemned C occupied D demolished

23.This machine performs the same _____ as a washing machine but on a much larger scale.

A function B frame C feature D form

24.International prices can also have an impact on the _____ market.

A domestic B global C urban D worldwide

25._____, I believe that banning smoking from public places is a very good idea.

A Clearly B Fortunately C Justifiably D Personally

26.The bad weather and a lack of food simply _____ our problems.

A compounded B enhanced C salvaged D transformed

27.Given the rapid growth of our population, there is a _____ need to improve our infrastructure.

A huge B catastrophic C pressing D booming

28.We all need to _____ responsibility for improving our local community.

A have B make C take D give

29.The government has _____ to fine anyone who pollutes the river.

A endangered B risked C prevented D threatened

30.The _____ from car exhausts have a significant effect on global warming.

A emissions B smoke C gases D acid

31.There was a _____ increase between 1989 and 2005.

A significant B significantly C slightly D steep

32.I am writing to _____ for the position of tour guide advertised in your newsletter.

A application B apply C invitation D invite

33.I am really looking forward _____ you again soon.

A to seeing B to see C seeing D see

34.I think that people who _____ serious crimes should be punished.

A convict B commit C offend D offence

35.This artist helps to preserve our local _____ by using traditional themes in his work.

A culture B creation C events D skills

36.We have decided to _____ a new industrial zone to encourage more business to move into the area.

A evolve B grow up C develop D exist

37.The lecturer _____ our attention to a large screen at the back of the room.

A drew B pointed C gave D paid

38.I need to earn a lot more _____ before I can afford to buy that car.

A payment B salary C wages D money

39.There were losses in the car industry last year _____ the tourism industry boomed.

A in addition B because C similarly D while

40.We made a significant profit last year _____ the losses made by our international office.

A although B despite C however D as a result



21-25 BAAAD

26-30 ACCDA

31-35 ABABA

36-40 CADDB

41.Marketing people hope to_____ more customers by offering free samples.

A appeal B tempt C pressurise D endure

42.The _____ company spent millions of dollars marketing their new wonder drug.

A pharmacy B pharmacist C pharmacology D pharmaceutical

43.The two galaxies underwent a _____ crash lasting two billion years.

A protracted B fleeting C transient D instant

44.Increased logging caused many species in the area to be _____.

A endanger B threaten C risky D vulnerable

45.The latest ____ for consumers is a system that allows shoppers to check out their groceries for themselves without having to wait in long queues.

A innovate B inventor C innovator D innovation

46.It's important for the judges to remain _____ , so they are not told the names of the artists until the judging is complete.

A biased B prejudiced C impartial D subjective

47.The visiting politician’s criticism of the government caused a lot of _____.

A controversy B dilemmas C setbacks D hurdles

48.My teacher said my essay was _____ . She said she couldn’t follow my argument.

A incompetent B inaccurate C incoherent D incisive

49.Gale force winds _____ the progress of the rescue teams.

A alleviated B rectified C improved D hindered

50.My first job was to arrange the files into _____ order from the oldest to the most recent.

A alphabetical B chronological C numerical D historical

51.A _____ dictionary is more suitable for elementary level students than advanced students.

A monolingual B multilingual C linguistic D bilingual

52.IELTS reading and listening questions often feature _____ of the words in the text.

A synonyms B homonyms C acronyms D antonyms

53.A _____ of cattle walked slowly towards the farmhouse.

A colony B herd C hive D swarm

54.I have to dress up a lot for work, so at the weekend I prefer to wear something more_____.

A chic B mundane C trendy D elegant

55._____ can be a health problem for people working for long periods in space.

A Lightness B Heaviness C Weightlessness D Lightweight

56.There has been a lot of _____ in the media as to who will be chosen to light the Olympic Flame.

A announcement B speculation C conclusion D assertion

57.Because of the extent of the damage caused, everyone was shocked that the vandals received such a _____ punishment.

A strict B harsh C heavy D lenient

58.We hope our good _____ and a strong workforce will encourage more companies to base themselves here.

A system B infrastructure C recreation D structure

59.The book was so _____ that I fell asleep before I’d finished the first page.

A abhorrent B disheartening C tedious D thrilling

60.Using only very dark, black and white images, the film maker painted a very _____ picture of the countryside.

A dismal B humorous C spectacular D hilarious



41-45 BDADD

46-50 CACDB

51-55 DABBC

56-60 BDBCA





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